About us

The management team

Bernd Clasen
For over 20 years now, I have been working as an estate administrator, executor and heir finder.
As president of the BDN (Bund Deutscher Nachlasspfleger – Association of German Administrators), consultant and member of the BDN’s certification committee, member of the DVEV (Deutsche Vereinigung für Erbrecht und Vermögensnachfolge – German Association for Inheritance Law and Asset Succession), head of the DVEV’s estate administration work group and co-author of the book “Handbuch Nachlasspflegschaft” (Guide to Estate Administration), published by ZERB, I dispose over wide-ranging knowledge of and connections to all that concerns inheritance and estates.

With the help of my multilingual team, I offer fellow administrators, courts of law and private individuals my assistance in the solving of inheritance cases.

In doing so, my top priority is to support each client as best I can – be it in a big case or a smaller issue.

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Susanne Schmitt
In my role as the management’s right hand, I am responsible for the bureau’s organisational management. My professional training as an industrial clerk, along with my business administration studies, mean that I am responsible for the seamless processing and disbursement of inheritance cases.

My special talent for numbers and accounting, which I have already had the opportunity to prove in my previous occupation as an executive assistant in a large industrial enterprise, is of particular value to our bureau.

Detlef D. Hollatz
For almost two decades now, I have been doing professional research in inheritance cases. In Hamburg and Philadelphia, I studied History with a concentration on migration history and North American history. My occupation as an heir finder has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the history of law and administration, as well as in the fields of inheritance law and procedural law.

Investigating the fates of individuals and linking them to their historical contexts makes probate research one of the most interesting fields of work I can imagine.

You can contact me by telephone at 0049 40 4191 588 170 and by email at d.hollatz[at]global-erbenermittlung.de

Maja Veith
After studying law in Russia, I worked as an investigator for the public prosecutor’s office and the police in Omsk. My experience with the search for persons in Eastern Europe, as well as dealing with local offices, authorities and archives, have proven useful to our team.

In order to expand my knowledge of German and Russian inheritance law outside of work, I am currently studying at Hamburg university.

Malgorzata Thorban
As a Hamburg university graduate in Slavic studies, Eastern European studies and Sociology, I have had an active role in this office as a native Polish speaker since November 2013, especially as part of investigations in Poland.

From the very beginning, I have been fascinated by the sensitive handling of documents and their genealogical contexts, as well as this occupation’s investigative component.

Ewa Gerkens
As a freelance interpreter, I support the heir search bureau in communicating with public offices and archives. In addition, I actively assist the management team. Furthermore, progress reports to our clients and related deadline monitoring are my responsibility.

My successfully completed master’s degree in Eastern Slavic studies at Hamburg university, with emphasis on the subjects economics and Eastern European studies, is the basis for our effective cooperation. A further important aspect for investigations in Eastern Europe is my knowledge of Eastern law, which I continually seek to expand.

Willy is the name of our office dog, a Jack Russell terrier. Although he has not been to university, he is extraordinarily clever. He is always in a good mood, and his high spirits and good nose are often a source of inspiration for the heir finders.